BlindCraft Network Server Rules

1.) Respectful Gameplay

  • No Griefing: Do not intentionally destroy or alter another player's creations without permission.
  • No Stealing: Respect the property of others and refrain from taking items that do not belong to you.
  • No 1x1 Towers: Avoid creating disruptive structures that detract from the overall aesthetics of the game world.


2.) Communication Etiquette

  • No Racist or Sexist Remarks: Avoid any discriminatory or offensive language that targets individuals based on race, gender, or other personal attributes.
  • No Spamming: Refrain from excessive or repetitive messages, commands, or actions that may disrupt the chat or gameplay.
  • No Advertising: Do not promote external servers, websites, or services within the game.
  • No Full Caps Messages: Refrain from typing messages in all capital letters, as it may be considered as shouting and disrupt the chat.


3.) Positive Interaction

  • No Constant Cursing: Maintain a positive and friendly environment by avoiding excessive use of profanity.
  • No Trolling/Flaming: Treat others with kindness and refrain from engaging in harmful or offensive behavior.


4.) Gameplay Integrity

  • No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items: Earn advancements and privileges through fair gameplay rather than requesting special permissions.
  • No Cheat Mods or Hacked Clients: Play the game without the use of unauthorized modifications that provide an unfair advantage.


5.) Community Harmony

  • Respect all Players: Treat fellow players with kindness, regardless of differences in skill level or experience.
  • Obey Staff: Follow the instructions of server staff, who are responsible for maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming environment.